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The Mozrank Checker tool is used to measure the keywords and page rank of a website. If you own a website, you can use this tool to view your Mozrank and follow up on the search ranking of different web pages, backlinks, and the quality of linking websites. This makes it easy for you to compare the Mozrank score of the previous page against the current Mozrank.

What does Mozrank do?

Mozrank Checker tool allows webmasters to know the Mozrank score- a equivalent of Google’s Pagerank algorithm- which is used to analyze the popularity of a link. The algorithm awards the Mozrank score basing on other pages from the internet that are linked to the website in question. A higher Mozrank for a page points at a high possibility of having a better search ranking among major search engines and the chances of receiving links to other sites are also high.

How does the tool work?

Similar to Google’s first rank algorithm, the Mozrank rates the link of a page on a logarithmic scale of between 0-10. A new page, usually still out of favor, possesses an average score of (~0.05). A 1 or 2 score means the page is more important and has better quality backlinks. The links or web pages you see on a conventional Google search are in most cases likely to have a 2, 3, 4, or higher Mozrank. Nonetheless, there are less important sites that can pull down the overall average Mozrank with their low score.

How you can use it?

The Mozrank Checker can be applied to checking how well your website is doing on the different search engines. It helps you to know the Mozrank score of your page and the quality of links to your website. It works in the same way as a domain authority checker except for it only does this for a particular page while reviewing the vitality of data and links on just one page.

How to improve your MOZ Rank?

Of course, all web site owners wish to induce a decent MozRank, to be able to improve our MozRank you want to think about using the link exchanges scheme with associate degree authority page or domain. as a result of linking your web content to a preferred page or web site will assist you rank higher in search engines. you want to search for in style internetsites that also are associated with your web content content and exchange web links (URLs) with them. be from link farms as a result of search engines like Google have the way of police investigation such links and will place your web site in hassle instead of serving to it.

It is conjointly useful for your web site if you may realize blogs wherever you'll write your comments. it's necessary that you just search for blogs that ar associated with your web site content. Don’t forget to put in writing your web content link once posting your comment.

After doing these initiatives, you'll have a glance once more victimisation our MozRank checker to visualize if these changes facilitate improve your MozRank.

Use of Social Media to Improve MOZ Rank

Nowadays, there are such a large amount of social media platforms that you simply will use to assist you boost your MozRank score. you'll produce accounts on fashionable social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to call a number of victimization your name to assist folks notice your web site by sharing posts with links that may direct folks to your web content. this may assist you increase traffic on your web site and can then provide you with a decent MozRank score in addition.

There area unit many folks that area unit victimization social media on a everyday that's why this may greatly assist you in boosting your MozRank. you'll request facilitate from your family and friends to form your posts go infective agent by sharing them with others. this fashion you'll boost traffic by redirecting your audience to visiting your web site.

Make sure that your posts on social media area unit catchy and fascinating in order that you'll get the viewer’s interest to browse your post by clicking on the net page link that you’ve provided. If they like your content they'll certainly share them with their family and friends; and then, the additional folks that browse your post and share them, the additional traffic you'll wear your web site, and also the higher MozRank score you get.